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Welcome, Alice Florence Erb!

She arrived at 0451 on Friday 25th November 2005 after a short but intense labour (just 3 pushes!), tipping the scales at 3.54kg (7lb 13oz) and 54cm long. Mother and baby were able to return home on the evening of the same day. Aimee has accepted her little sister with interest and affection, as you can see from some of these pictures.

DSC_6282 (Medium).JPG (53kb) DSC_6279 (Medium).JPG (36kb) DSC_6287 (Medium).JPG (34kb) DSC_6289 (Medium).JPG (47kb)
DSC_6291 (Medium).JPG (42kb) DSC_6296 (Medium).JPG (43kb) DSC_6304 (Medium).JPG (52kb) DSC_6308 (Medium).JPG (57kb)
DSC_6313 (Medium).JPG (85kb) DSC_6322 (Medium).JPG (56kb) DSC00191 (Medium).JPG (34kb) DSC00184 (Medium).JPG (67kb)
DSC00170 (Medium).JPG (62kb) DSC00171 (Medium).JPG (67kb) DSC_6325 (Medium).JPG (65kb) DSC_6327 (Medium).JPG (42kb)
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