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Aimee comes home

The proud mother leaves the Ronkswood hospital with Aimee (34,473 bytes) Aimee seems to fit well on Grandma's shoulder (18,593 bytes) The new grandma Erb (29,928 bytes) Holding the baby and wetting its head!! (25,851 bytes) Aimee was a little jaundiced, so a brief burst of sunshine did her good (47,170 bytes)
Grandad Smithson is an old hand at this. (49,905 bytes) Aimee was a model baby and slept nearly all the time she was passed between grandparents (44,970 bytes) Will she have red hair like her mum? (31,190 bytes) Grandad Erb asleep on the job (27,559 bytes) It's a hard life being a baby (24,340 bytes)

On the occasion of her homecoming, Aimee was introduced to both sets of her grandparents.

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