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Now I can indulge my interest in all things aquatic at home! Enter the fishtank....

Gallery of images from January 2008

17-Apr-04. The tiger barbs were being very agressive, so I have disrupted all the territories and added a log. The community seems a little more harmonious now.
16-Apr-04. I love crustaceans. Four japonica shrimps are now busy picking away at the algae. One of them shed its skin within 24 hours- I thought I had lost one straight away.
16-Apr-04. Dad bought me a pair of male dwarf gourami's. One is quite bold and the other is timid. Time will tell how they settle in. I hope they won't be intimidated too much by the tiger barbs.
28-Mar-04. A shoal of 8 tiny tiger barbs certainly made life more interesting (especially for the neon tetras- two immediately eaten).
13-Mar-04. My pioneer fish were 10 neon tetras.
09-Mar-04. Now I have added some sandstone rocks and arranged the plants nicely.
08-Mar-04. The tank before properly setting up. No fish- the plants are just dropped in.


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