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Welcome to the Erb Zone!

You have found the home page of Charles Erb. This site is mainly to display pictures of Erb family events (including a family tree) as well as diving and sailing events.

Aimee Erb was born on September 4th 2001. Click on the link to see picture of when she came home and the wetting of the baby's head.

Alice Erb was born on November 25th 2005. Click the link for photos.

Click here for the latest family picture.


Diving is not so much a hobby for me, as an obsession!

The images on this site mostly contain pictures of people, my underwater images are on www.undersea-images.com (except for shots taken in the pool).

Also, check out my tropical freshwater fish tank (if you like that sort of thing).

To earn the money to buy gadgets and go diving & sailing, I work as a teacher at Thorns Community College, in Dudley West Mids.

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Last updated: 08-May-2008